Dr. Miner,

It was lovely knowing you for the short time you were here. (in Ireland) All of my aches have gone at last. Thanks for your help and I hope you'll come back to Greystones in the future.

Very Best Wishes,
Maggie Dore

Dr. Miner,

Many thanks for your kind help which has greatly improved the quality of my life!

Louise Myler

Dr. Scott,

I'm sorry to hear that you've gone back to the States. Our loss is there gain. Thank you for all of your assistance- it gave me a new lease on life. Good luck in the future.

Jo Keegan

Dr. Scott,

Thank you very much for your gentle treatments that have allowed me to play sports without feeling any pain in my back. Without your help I would not have been able to become as fit as I am now and would not be as happy.

Thanks a bunch!
Barry Devlin

  • "I've been going to see Scott Miner at Omni Chiropractic for several years. Scott has always been compassionate and concerned. The method he uses to adjust the spine is very gentle ~ no cracking or twisting. Now I would never go back to a traditional chiropractor who twists and pulls. We have worked together to address subluxations, allergies and toxicity. Scott is wonderful!"
    ~ Sue D.
  • "I've been receiving treatment from Scott for over half a year now. It began with back aches stemming from a motorcycle crash which happened several years ago. I had not expected he would be able to eliminate all these pains, in fact, I was blown away by how effective his technique really is. I have not had any back pains since my first several sessions, but I still continue to go to regularly work on minor aches and pains that arrive all over my body from the physical nature of my work as a bicycle delivery man.

    Kate who manages scheduling and greeting clients is a sweetheart too. It's always a joy to visit their office because you will always be treated with compassion and care. It's evident that there is a strong passion for helping people at Omni Chiropractic and they do a fantastic job at it!"
    ~Evan D.
  • "Dr. Miner was super nice. This was the first time I've been to a chiropractor and he was really patient with me. He explained everything he was doing, I felt like he was thorough and I felt comfortable. So far today I have no headache which is rare and although my back is still in a lot of pain he did explain that it's not a quick fix and to continue visiting but I will feel a difference if I follow through with going to my appointments and drinking a certain amount of water too. Their office is quiet and very quant and I'm looking forward to my next appointment and I'm happy that I am finally on my way to feeling like myself again!"
    ~Yvone D.
  • "Dr. Miner helped me through my recovery when I had broken both of my arms in an accident. I was impressed with his knowledge and tactics. The office is pleasant and comfortable to be in. He gave me an adjustment and I was surprised at the skill he employed in doing so (I've been to other chiropractors and I thought he was much more knowledgeable and precise about what he was doing)."
    ~ Chris B.
  • "I swear by Dr. Scott Miner, which is an unusual thing for me to do as a skeptic and person jaded by regular chiropractors and useless doctors.

    I had such relentless pain from TMJD years ago that brought me, desperate, to his door. I expected nothing. How could a chiropractor help me when pain management specialists couldn't? But starting in the very first visit, Dr. Scott managed to gently adjust my jaw so it opened straight for the first time in half my life. It took a few visits but before long it was as fixed as it could get and I no longer have debilitating headaches and am limited to a diet of soft foods.

    I won't go anywhere else now. I visit him with an issue and he always believes me without doubt or question: he tests and confirms something is out of place and immediately works to resolve it, giving me instant relief, whether it's my jaw, neck, back, shoulder, whatever-- it's the most validating experience I've ever had with a doctor."
    ~ Lyndsey L.
  • "I have been going to see Doctor Miner for 4 weeks now and I can't express how grateful I am for all he has done for me.

    Feeling a little hopeless, I went to see Dr.Miner, he was highly recommend by my fiancé. Since the very first visit, immediately felt better. My pain was at 10, I was taking muscle relaxers and nerve pain medication every night just to sleep. I've been off the pain medication for 3 weeks now. My pain level is now at 2-3 at most but I am not in pain on daily like before. I am now able to do the things I wasn't able to do before, like go to the gym, wear heels, be more active. It was a struggle to walk or stand for long periods of time and now it's not a problem.

    I highly recommend that you see him if your in any pain or if you just are looking for over all wellness. I promise you will not regret it!"
    ~ Arlene S.
  • "I am very appreciative for Dr. Miner's work. Specifically, I have been astounded by his work with muscle testing. This was new for me. The muscle testing proved positive, as my neck finally felt better. My sense of calm, peace and relaxation was a great bonus. My weekly treatments with Dr. Miner have proven to me, that optimal health comes first and I say YES!!! Thanks Dr. Miner."
    ~ DonnaMary J.
  • "Excellent place, Dr. Miner really knows his stuff! And they are so genuine and helpful.

    My kids allergies are totally under control thanks to Dr. Miner's care."
    ~Victor S.
  • "My first and only choice for my well-being. I don't like or trust doctors. I was a skeptic the first time my boss/friend sent me here. I was in major pain and discomfort life sucked. Dr. Miner has changed my mind about chiropractors.
    If your chiropractor is putting his knee in the middle of your back and grabbing your shoulders and twisting you like Gumby, then placing electrodes on your back and shocking you for the next half hour, leave them and come see how much better your treatments can be.

    Every time I leave the office I feel better than when I walked in, and I know how and why that is so. Dr. Miner has enlightened me on small things I have been doing wrong in my daily life that have been upsetting my health, most were so easy to fix.
    I am not a person that just clicks on stars or writes burbs just to have something say. This is probably the most I have ever posted in a comment section, Dr. Miner is a true doctor and cares about his patients and their well-being."
    ~Riley M.

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